Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 hours sleep. 1 cup of coffee. and a funnel cake.

you don't know where you went wrong: at lunchtime you were on target to have the truck packed and ready to go for tomorrow's 7 a.m. craft show load-in time, yet despite good intentions it's now 2 in the morning and you're still tagging sock monkeys. if this hasn't happened to you yet, just will.  deflate your inner-craft-show-panic-demon by being armed with a booth set-up that allows for flexibility, creativity, and maximum merchandising.  my first weapon of choice is IKEA, namely their gorm adjustable shelving:

reasons why i love this shelving:
1. solid as a rock: while they're sturdy, they're not so heavy that you can't carry them yourself. i've had my current set for 4 craft show seasons.
2. you can configure them in mulitple ways - not only for standard 10x10 outdoor booths, but also different sized/shaped indoor show booths. their flexibility is also especially helpful if you have multiple types of products to display.
3. you can attach things to them - display arms, rods for hanging (my favorite is copper plumber's pipe), curtains, signage, even your pop-up tent.
4. you can paint them over and over. mine have been light blue, black, brown and white. my fave so far? white.
5. they are a great marketing tool. you can make them unique, eye-catching, and personalized to fit your product.
in the photo above, white particle board shelving rests on the 2nd level of black shelving, creating an official cash-wrap area, storage, and a place for literature/seasonal decorations.  aprons are hanging on copper plumbing pipe, screwed into the bottom of the shelf above with u-shaped copper brads.  i screwed rain gauges  into the back side of the shelving to create hidden bud-vases for my sunflowers. curtains (ikea) were tacked on top of shelving from behind, which creates a back-drop, more storage, and blocks the view of whatever unsightly nonsense is behind you!
between the left and right shelf in the photo above, copper plumbing pipe is hung horizontally - providing a display space and signage area for headbands.  through much trial + error, i found copper pipe works best for hanging displays such as this - the pipe does not give under the weight of whatever is hung on it.  to cut the pipe to any length you need, look for a hand-held copper pipe cutting tool. the green rug above is available pre-cut or by-the-yard.  the black and white rug below is vinyl tablecloth material held down with colored duct tape:

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