Monday, March 29, 2010

wanna make a movie?

...well, not quite a movie, but an animated slideshow set to music?  for free?  animoto is an online service that enables you to upload your photographs and turn them into a super cool 30-second animated slideshows.  you can choose music from their library to accompany your piece, and add captions as well.  upgrading the service for a small fee will allow you to make slideshows longer than 30 seconds.

 here's a hint:  when making a 30 second (free) slideshow, choose a song from the music library that is relatively slow:  since the pictures and text change in time to the music, a slower song will allow you to fit more pictures and text in! 

here's a slideshow i recently created for cranberry corners in dahlonega, ga:

want to import your animoto slideshow onto your website or blog?  you can do this by first - creating the video on animoto, next - uploading the animoto video to youtube, and last step - link your slideshow's youtube url to your site or blog.  this was a helpful online tutorial explaining the steps in more detail... 

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