Thursday, June 17, 2010

more (free!) banner resources...

tired of your old etsy or blogger banner?  want to have a supply of banners on hand for each season, a sale, or when you're on vacation?  this formerly cumbersome task is now easily do-able thanks to the tons of free banner generator resources available online.  spend a little time searching for a banner with the right look and feel, then edit it with pixlr.  it's a mini-makeover that will keep your shop or blog 
so fresh and so clean! 

* if you are new to etsy or blogger and need a good, basic tutorial on how to create a banner using etsy's free banner generator option, this  article is for you!

* leslie hamer, the lady/artist/friendly person at unless someone like you, has some crisp + clean choices.

cinnamongirl studio design - simple + modern.

* the lampworketc.  forum has a wiiiiiide variety of choices for all different tastes.

*mandie from life in the craft lane has compiled a huge resource for not only banners, but buttons and blog backgrounds. 

* and as always, go visit kim over at everything etsy , she's got 40+ free banners on her site about, well - everything etsy!

ya'll have a good day!

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