Tuesday, June 15, 2010

meet my new best friend, statsy.

have you met statsy yet?  well boy howdy, she sure knows you!  don't worry - she doesn't know that you worked on your etsy store in your pajamas all day today.  oh yeah, and that you forgot to brush your teeth until after lunch...

no, no - she just knows a whole bunch of useful data-type stuff, like this:

vutrac: allows you to track etsy views and ♥'s. 

locator: searches etsy and google search results for an item (or your etsy shop) and tells you on which page and what place it is, and it will even give you a link to the result.

featurator: a handy tool that sends you an e-mail every time you are featured on etsy's front page.

biggest fan: a positive reassurance tool, if you will!  find out who ♥'s you the most out of everyone in the etsy world.

colormatic: a tool for discovering what color etsy's search engines think your listing is...particularly helpful if you sell fabrics!

happy etsy-ing!

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