Thursday, May 20, 2010

oooh, goody...a makeover!

i was recently hired by cranberry corners, a cute antiques + gift shop located in north georgia, to do one of my favorite things...a merchandising re-do!  i jumped at the chance, as this store has great mix of new  and vintage stock, is located in a beautiful historic building, and is owned by a spunky and cool proprietor - mz. kathy aerts. 

good bones.  just bad execution.  not on purpose, though!  totally understandable, given the demands placed on a small-business proprietor in this uncharted economy. 

my main goal going into this project was to eliminate the store's ginormous and outdated greeting card racks - they were bulky.  and ugly.  and sucking up precious floor space.

here's your first glimpse into this project -
part 1, eliminate unfortunate racks!

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